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apres moi le deluge

after me comes the flood

Wendy Elizabeth
28 December
I'm a nineteen year old Creative Writing/Sociology double major at Ohio University. That's right. I live in the mountains and spend my Halloweens amongst people like Old Greg, the pink ghost from Pac Man, and wicked cool transformer dudes. I write; I rant about feminism, racism, and classism; I fall in love with a new idea every week. I have been shaped by the Harry Potter fandom more than I should ever care to admit and Severus Snape is my number one weakness in life, followed by chocolate and The Amber Spyglass (not to mention Watership Down and Neverwhere). My goal in life is to become a literary agent, which means: let me read your work. LET ME READ IT!

Oh, yeah, and it also means that I read a ton more consistently than I write. Nevertheless, welcome to my journal. :)